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Mobile App Development

Looking for iOS app development services?

IQ Wave Solutions is an iOS app development company providing services that cover the entire development cycle, from concept to distribution. Leveraging a proven application development methodology and in-house talent, we deliver end-to-end custom products that involve the complete range of iOS devices, including iPad, Apple TV, watchOS and iPhone app development. We’re the iOS development choice for some of the brands.

Designing elegant, feature-rich, custom iOS applications comes with a lot of complexity and our app development team can handle it easily. Our iOS app development services turn the vision of an iOS application into reality with easy to use, interactive and inbuilt interface. Our iOS application development remains updated with the latest Apple updates, frameworks, languages and the new generations of iPhone and iPad.

User experience to an application creates an impression for users. The client will hire an app development company only when he is confident with our previous works. IQ Wave Solutions iOS app developers utilize a comprehensive approach to app development taking into account analysis of the business requirements, design look and feel, user experience, app functionality, and debugging. All these analyses need so as to establish the smoothest possible submission and approval process for Apple’s App Store.

Our iOS app developers have the combined experience of working on effective problematic solutions and technically delivering both iPhone and iPad apps for a variety of apps covering such genres as Business, Entertainment, Healthcare, Technology, Travel, Lifestyle and more. We are involved in managing iOS application from design to maintenance.

Are you looking to create a mobile application for smartphones, tablets or both? IQ Wave Solutions build mobile apps for your organization concurrent on any device you require.

As a best mobile application development company, IQ Wave Solutions has comprehensive experience in developing highly executed, digitally transformative and technical feature updated intrinsic mobile applications for all the major mobile platforms including Windows, iOS, BlackBerry OS, and Android Mobile.

IQ Wave Solutions app developers are experienced at building HTML5 development, a cross-platform mobile application that is suitable for agile working on any device or platform. We implement custom mobile application development with assured in time deliverables, secure, scalable and sustainable no matter the technology its built on and whatever an environment its hosted.

Mobile Application Services

To improve business operations, most of the business managers are approaching advanced technologies to reach their customers globally. Among those Mobile technologies and devices are taking the crucial role to connect the customer to enterprise and to achieve business goals.

Looking to hire a mobile app developer to elevate your current business! Our experts implement process like business analysis, custom UX/UI design, code development, project management, quality assurance, complete end-to-end mobile app development solutions to be delivered, we can meet your goal needs. IQ Wave Solutions designs develop and deliver mobile applications over all the extensive platforms, including iOS, Android, and Windows Mobile. Our mobile app development services include:

  • Business type, necessities and fundamentals analysis
  • User Experience (UX) testing
  • Wireframing and custom design plan
  • Project management and a professional development process
  • Cross-platform mobile development and comprehensive assimilate ability
  • Conscientious quality assurance (QA) testing
  • On time delivery and on budget with complete lucidity
  • Assistance with getting your app in the App Store, Play Store, App World and Marketplace

App Strategy

Recognise the possibilities and challenges of your business. Build a Successful App Strategy with app launch ideas.

App Designing

With great app design partner for your app, experienced in implementing extensive app designing techniques.

App Development

Skilled app development resources and experience in developing high performance and scalable mobile apps.

Support & Maintenance

We provide efficient support and maintenance after deployment of application.

App Marketing

Your app doesn’t want to be in search of too large. Market and get your app discovered! We provide efficient App Store Optimization Services.

App Porting

Port your app now to increase revenue! Porting an app is suggested for its adaptability to other devices.

Working With IQ Wave Solutions

Competitive Rates & Project Quotes

Get the best mobile app development project quotes from our experienced mobile app developers.

Proven, Rapid & Trusted Delivery

We use perceptive techniques to make the project cost effective, designed to match the goals within the given timeline and budget. Informing clients about sufficient and relevant information, on time delivery.

Experienced Mobile App Developers

Creating solutions that are able to work on the various platform and operating systems. Our expert mobile app developers create mobile applications adaptable for the smartphone, tablet, laptop, iOS, Android, or Windows.

Transparent, Collaborative, Communicative

We are in active communication with the client through email, skype, chat, phone, google hangout for updating project visibility. Our team collaborates for transparency of the project.

Customer Satisfaction is the Priority

Our main is to provide satisfactory results to client and guide them in a successive way to achieve their goals since planning strategy, creating solutions, implementing their requisites and app marketing to reach the wider audience.


IQ Wave Solutions has triumphantly administered mobility solutions for applications across divergent business verticals. Emphasising our clients’ success we build custom mobile app solutions that consolidate their business model, empowering adaptability. With a distinctive angle for every application and target customer, we develop apps that trigger business for our client. IQ Wave Solutions serve as a one-stop source for the mobile company for apps discussion, establishment, design, categorization, deployment, development, maintenance support, and apps marketing.

New Wing of Your Business

Developing powerful, elevated performance mobile apps, expand with to keep your business ROI in viewpoint. IQ Wave Solutions uses consistent development procedures and techniques with updated programming practices, coding instructions and quality in the industry.


IQ Wave Solutions distinctive in developing mobile apps for all platforms(Android, iOS, Cross Platform), IQ Wave Solutions is using latest resilient technology that allows the development of your mobile application for all platforms using smart development method. This method provides the potential for IQ Wave Solutions development team to develop the mobile application for all platforms rapidly, which saves you time and money.

With the ability of incorporated design architects, business analysts, and app usability analysis expertise and with a team of Android developers & native iOS, testing and IT support teams, cross-platform developers, we provide phenomenal mobile app development services that make real life comfortable.

With the accomplishment of Mobile development, We have recently initiated effective working on with Creative designing, Game Development, and technical expertise game programming on mobile and web platforms.


The IQ Wave Solutions App developers have years of experience and proficient in programming and enterprise applications. IQ Wave Solutions uses the most advanced and latest tools & technologies to develop powerful mobile applications.


More Business Value

Our experts are ready to do the best towards clients perception and make sure we know what users really want. We integrate with your collaborators to develop an app that expands along with your business and users, whatever challenges arose.

Great UX and UI Expertise

We want your app to stand out at prime, reflect your brand identity, and provide experiences that get flexible functionality and performance. We follow the regulations and rules from Apple, Google to build designs that are easy to use. There are clients, who want to get custom mobile apps to develop their business. Our mobile app developers accomplished the task as they perceive custom requirements and develop apps as per their requirement.

Rapid Results

To help you surpass the competition, we aim to reduce the gap between your idea and successful solutions. Our mobile team has proficiency in ideal and agile development, which enables you to dynamically engage in the project and make smarter accomplishments. Absolutely, the more platforms (OS) are covered, these will be accessible for major people. We not only offer mobile app development services for different platforms but also we incorporate different software packages to our clients.

100% Transparency

We not only kept updated with project status but also take your feedback for the improvement of mobile solutions. Our team uses video calls, daily reports, email updates and more of your requisite.

Mobile Testing Automation

Our Quality Assurance team takes a data-driven technique to know when automated testing can help you reduce time to promote, costs, and definitely improve the quality of your app to integrate into your workflow and deliver quick results.


To empower business operations and data exchange. IQ Wave Solutions allows you to respond to the new mobile app interaction models required by these devices and efficiently integrates with your existing systems, in a reliable, simple, scalable manner.

Mobile Application Development Internship and Assistance Program

Android is Linux-based mobile operating system. This has built an excellent career in today application development innovation and technology which lets the developers develop apps easily.

Why Application Development Training and Internship at IQ Wave Solutions?

Android is an open source operating system, apps that are developed using the Android application development technologies are user-friendly and highly interactive. Application development allows programmers or developers to access performance capabilities.

Android Mobile Application or iOS app development training course make you understand how the application technologies work and suitable apps to be created. IQ Wave Solutions mobile application training sessions include both Android and iOS application development, explained and practically make them done with real-time examples.

Benefits of Android Training in IQ Wave Solutions:

  • Learn and get to know all the mobile application development and programming lifeatures.
  • Understanding the concepts of Java programming language that is used in mobile app development.
  • Experienced in-depth knowledge of mobile application development features.
  • Ability to use unique and innovative user interfaces using application components.
  • Potential to develop an app using user attractive designing concepts with animations and graphics.
  • Create intensive apps like accessing data from applications using web services.
  • Get hands-on working experience with a certificate.

Prerequisite of the Mobile App Training at IQ Wave Solutions:

Freshers who are interested to join in mobile application development training and assistance program need to have basic knowledge above core java and other basic programming languages. This will definitely help the learner to understand the concepts in an easy and effective way.

Why IQ Wave Solution for Mobile Application Development?

  • Our training and guidance program under industry experienced experts.
  • Training in both theoretical and practical concepts explained.
  • Interns or trainees are allowed to work on real-time projects and real-time concepts.
  • Get certified after completing the internship duration.

IQ Wave Solutions provide Android and iOS application development training from industry experts who are well experienced. They have hands-on experience and successfully created a good number of apps for our clients. Mobile application development learning process will more interactive way for better understanding the concepts and enjoy the course.